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Ask a clinician in the field about costings , health insuranceand finance options for rehab


Cost can be a significant issue for clients thinking of going into rehab. While some will have medical insurance, cover for addiction treatment is often an added option: at additional cost. Few centers work with insurance companies and thus the nearest available center that will accept a client on insurance could not be as close as one would like. Furthermore, some policies require the client to settle the bill and then submit a claim. 

With regard to self-funding clients, costs start from £1,650 a week and go up from there. Some centers charging structures mean that if you book for a week, extending it works out less cost-effective than if the client books in for a longer period to begin with. Also, it is not always possible to extend if the room has already been booked for another client. Seven days is the absolute minimum a client can go into treatment for, though very few centers allow this, and only for moderate-range alcohol dependency and cocaine. It would not be possible, or indeed safe, for any other drug dependency to be addressed within seven days. The next length of stay is ten days which may be suitable for alcohol clients who are unable to be admitted for seven days. Usual stays are 28 days, though most centers will offer 14 days: Again it depends on the nature of the addiction. Usually, clients can be admitted for up to three months. 

A 28-day admission can be arranged for just over £7,500, upwards. Paul has spent many years referring clients to rehab centers so he can advise on individual centers' costs and, as he has excellent relationships with their admissions teams. can make a referral on a client's behalf and streamline the admissions process. 

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