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If you a loved one friend employee  or relative in Spain are struggling with addiction call and speak to an experienced addictions clinician with three decades of experience in the field of addiction detox rehab and treatment 


Statistics from the Spanish ministry of health reveal that alcohol is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance used in the country with 77% of adults drinking alcohol within a 12 month period. 8/8% of the population drink regularly. While Spain witnessed a downturn in daily drinking from 2001-2017, it rose, substantially, during 2019-2020. 


15.2% of 15-64 year olds in Spain report using opioids at some point and, in Spain, this is more prevalent amongst women than men. The most common substances being codeine and an opioid like agent (Tramadol) The average age for the onset of opioid use in Spain is 45.  While there was a spurge in the mid 1990's, heroin use figures have since stabilised. 

For the same reporting period of 2019-2020, 5.0% of the adult population (15-64) reporting having used hallucinogens at some point as well as 4.3% for amphetamines and another 5% for ecstasy. Spain also, as with other countries, has an emerging (and worrying) trend of adults using synthetic cannabinoids: up to 19% of the adult population. 

Private treatment for fee paying clients is readily available at several locations across Spain, at several locations. Costs vary and it can sometimes be more cost effective to return to the UK for treatment. Paul advise on treatment options, cost, location and availability. 


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