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If you a loved one relative employee or a friend on the island of Cyprus are struggling with addiction, call and speak to an addictions clinician with three decades experience on all aspects of addiction detox treatment and rehab


Statistics from the Cypriot government show that there are up to one thousand two hundred high risk opioid dependent adults on the island with 253 being in treatment with either Methadone or Buprenorphine (Subutex ,Espranor or Buprenorphine).  

On average, eight people a year die in Cyprus from drug related incidents. Of very serious concerns is that 90% of all males in Cyprus, who use opioids, do so intravenously (injecting).  Opioid substitution Therapy (OST) was only introduced to the island in 2007 when the Bridge opened in Nicosia.  Each major city now has a government run drug and alcohol service and Buprenorphine is the main drug of choice. Unusually, Methadone is only used at the very beginning of a treatment plan until patients are cross titrated across to Buprenorphine.

Private addiction treatment is readily available in Cyprus. Where possible, and when clinically appropriate, same day admission can be arranged. Paul has excellent links with a very reasonably priced centre on the island. Call and get free, confidential and impartial advice on treatment options, costings, availability and locations. 

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