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If you a loved one relative friend or employee in Derry/Londonderry are struggling with addiction call and speak to a clinician with three decades of experience in the field of addiction treatment detox and rehab


For the last reporting period by the health service and local government in Northern Ireland (2021-2022), there were a total of 3,092 adults who asked for help from statutory drug services during those twelve months. Over a third  (1,143 adults/37%) asked only for help with alcohol, with 32.5% asking for assistance for drugs (1,004) meaning 30.6% (945) asked for assistance for both. 

As is common with other parts of the UK, the majority of those asking for help were men, and around two-fifths were between 26 and 39 years of age.  Cannabis was the most commonly reported drug of choice with three-fifths of those seeking help for drug dependency reported taking it (62%). Cocaine was also prevalent at 49.4% and then benzodiazepines (23.9%) and then pregabalin (16.7%) 

10.7% percent of those seeking treatment for drug use reported that they had injected at some point with a quarter of this cohort stating that, at some point, they had shared injecting equipment. 57.6% reported that they were using drugs, daily with 42.7% of those seeking help for alcohol dependency also reporting daily use. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services are provided through Western Health and Social Care Trust


Gransha Park
Clooney Road
BT47 1TF

Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital

Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital
1 Donaghanie Road
BT79 0NS


For those seeking private treatment in the North of Ireland, while referral agents and clinic chains will tell you to the contrary, there are no private centers.  Companies will advertise that there are simply to get you to pick up the phone and call in. While it is a massive inconvenience, it is a reality that simply is not going to change anytime soon.  Accessing private treatment from the north is actually very simple. There are plenty of centers, on the mainland, that are very easy to get to and some are very cost-competitive. Clients will often not accept the fact that centers in the north do not exist and will call around, for days, before reality sets in. The problem then is that they have put themselves on the radar of numerous companies (most of which are owned by a small number of people) who will hound them into the ground: relentlessly. 


Call Paul to discuss your needs, options, and costings. He has many years of experience, including referring clients to private centers. There is no charge for this service and it is completely confidential and impartial. Lines are open 7 days a week. 

Western Health and Social Care Trust
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