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For free confidential and impartial advice on any aspect of drug and alcohol addiction rehab detox and treatment in Edinburgh call and speak to Paul an addictions clinician with three decades of direct clinical experience


Scotland has over 60,000 adults who have identified that they are dependent on drugs. Compared to any other country in the EU, Scotland has the highest number of drug dependent adults. Sadly, this is also mirrored in figures for fatal drug overdoses. 

Between January and March 2023, there were 298 suspected deaths in Scotland which were attributed to drugs. This was an increase of 3 (1%) on the previous quarter and 13 (5%) higher than the same period in 2022. 

 Men accounted for 67% of all suspected drug deaths between January and March 2023 which was a decrease of 3% for the same period in 2022.  In females, there were 98 suspected drug deaths. This was an increase of 14% (12) compared to the same period in 2022. 


The majority of suspected drug deaths (66%) were of people aged between 35-54, which is broadly representative of  previous figures.  

Drug and alcohol services, in Edinburgh, are provided by Turning Point across five different hubs: 

North East Recovery Hub
5 Links Place,
Edinburgh EH6 7EZ

 Tel: 0131 554 7516



East Neighbourhood Centre (Craigmillar)
101, Niddrie Mains Road,
Edinburgh EH16 4DS

Tel: 0131 554 7516



North West Recovery hub
North West Social work centre, office, 8 West Pilton Gardens,,
Edinburgh EH4 4DP

Tel: 0131 469 5044


Westerhailes Healthy Living Centre
30 Harvesters Way,
Edinburgh EH14 3JF

Tel: 0131 453 9406


South East Recovery Hub (Gilmerton)
13 Newtoft Street,
Edinburgh EH17 8RG

Tel: 0131 661 5294


Private centres, for both drugs and alcohol, are readily available in Scotland. Treatment costs can be higher than that for England, even when taking travel into consideration. While the big chains and referral agents will try and tell you that they have centres all over Scotland, the fact is: They do not. What they do is to advertise with pictures of other companies centres (usually without permission) so as to lure you in. Unfortunately, there are only a small number of private centres in Scotland and the further north you go, the more difficult it becomes to access private centres. 

Paul has three decades of clinical experience as an addictions clinican and, over the last few years, has referred many clients into private centres in Scotland. His advice is free, totally confidential and wholly impartial. Call today and discuss your options, costings, location, availability and treatment plans. 

Turning Point Edinburgh
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