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Free, confidential and impartial advice on all aspects of addiction, treatment, rehab, detox, residential rehab, therapy, counselling and cost from a clinician in Exeter 


 There has been an increase in fatalities among those using drugs and alcohol in Exeter and, currently, the figures are at a 30 year high. Across Exeter, in 2021, there were 125 deaths relating to drug poisoning.  This is in excess of the 112 recorded in 2020. Worryingly, this is the highest recorded number since records were initiated in 1993, when the figure was only 31. 

From this number, 75 deaths were recorded as being from drug misuse. In order for a death to be recorded by a coroner as being caused by drug misuse, it must involve dependence/harmful use of illegal drugs. These are, clearly figures that are of concern.  In relation to alcohol, there was a concerning increase of 30% in hospital admissions, over a four year period at 5,200. Furthermore, over 35% of all attendances at accident and emergency were alcohol related.  This means that in one year alone, in and around Exeter, there were 57,185 A+E attendances due to alcohol. That equates to 1,099 a week or 160 a day.

Statutory services in Exeter are provided by EDP (Exeter drug and alcohol services/together) which is an NHS commissioned service. 

Address: Magdalene House
Grendon Rd

Tel: 0800 233 5444


For fee paying clients, residential treatment is available though, cost wise, it may be beneficial to have treatment out of area. Outpatient treatment/therapy is available: Locally. 

Caul Paul to discuss your options. 




Together Drug and Alcohol service part of EDP
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