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If you are in Glasgow and are experiencing difficulties with drugs and alcohol there is local, and affordable, help available. Perhaps you are concerned for a loved one or a friend? A work  colleague? An employee? Those making enquiries will have lots of questions and Paul is here to answer them. He has  over 28 years of direct clinical experience of treating those caught up in addiction. His advice is free, confidential, impartial and available to all.

When people call, there are some common themes: 

* What is residential rehab? 
* How do I know if I need it? 
* Can I have treatment at home? 
* How much will it cost? 
* How long would I need to stay in rehab? 
* Is there a local therapist/counsellor? 
* How soon can I access help? 

Call Paul, now, to achieve the abstinence you deserve. 



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