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Free, confidential and impartial advice on all aspects of addiction, treatment, rehab, detox, residential rehab, therapy, counselling and cost from a clinician in Manchester.


 There are, currently, an estimated 4,150 adults in Manchester who are dependent on heroin and/or crack cocaine. The average rate for England is 8 per 1000 adults. Manchester has a rate of 10.7. 

With regards to alcohol, it is estimated that there 8,671 adults in Manchester who are alcohol dependent. This is a rate of 20.4 per 1000. This is significantly higher than average for England at 13.7 .Indeed, just under a quarter of adults in Manchester (23.4%) are believed to be drinking over 14 units a week: Which is in excess of NHS guidance. 

With regards to opioid and/or crack use, it is estimated that there are 4,150 adults in Manchester who are dependent. This, as a percentage, is 10.7, which is above the average for England which sits at 8.9. The number of drug-related deaths in Greater Manchester is creeping up year by year.  

Statutory drug and alcohol services in the city are provided by CGL across three hubs

  • Carnarvon Street Hub - 43a Carnarvon Street, Manchester, M3 1EZ

  • Bradnor Point Hub - Bradnor Point, Bradnor Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Wythenshawe M22 4TF

  • Zion Centre – Zion Community Centre, 339 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 4ZY

Phone - 0161 823 6306 

Email -


For those seeking private residential treatment, the costs

involved are considerably lower than for other parts of the UK. 

Private outpatient appointments are available as local private drug and alcohol focused therapists. 


Change Grow Live local statutory drug and alcohol services
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