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 Free, confidential and impartial advice on all aspects of addiction, treatment, rehab, detox, residential rehab, therapy, counselling and cost from an experienced addictions  clinician in Norfolk.


For the last set of published figures in 2017/18 Norfolk had lower than the average number of drug-related hospital admissions when compared to the rest of England at 29 per 100,000,the average being 31. Admissions relating to dual diagnosis (alcohol/drugs and mental health) were also lower in the county than the rest of England at 29 (the average for England being 31). 

During this time there were 470 admissions to hospital for 417 residents of the county. 42 residents had repeated admissions for drug poisoning. For the last set of published figures, 1,769 adults were engaged in treatment with local statutory drug and alcohol services. At the time, local services were able to offer an assessment within three weeks. 

Overall, for the county, there were 3,713 adults receiving treatment for drug and alcohol dependency. Just over half of this figure (52%) were receiving treatment for opioid and/or crack cocaine use. In this period 142 adults completed treatment for opioid dependency. 

 Statutory drug and alcohol services are provided by Change Grow Live (CGL) across

a small number of hubs. They provide a full range of opioid substitution services

and community alcohol treatment. 



 * Norwich

*  Thetford

*Great Yarmouth

 *King's Lynn

Tel:01603 514 096

For private, fee paying clients, as of January 2024, there are no private rehab centres in the centre of the county. A lot of companies and referral agencies will advertise that there are in order to get you to call in. There are centres very close by and some are low cost. Private outpatient appointments and local drug and alcohol specialist therapists are also available. Call Paul to discuss your needs and treatment options. 

Change Grow Live statutory drug and alcohol services Norwich
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