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The last needs assessment by Oxfordshire County Council was published in 2020 and reported on figures from the financial year: 2018-2019. During that time it was estimated that heroin use rates were 10 per 1000 adults which was significantly lower than the average for England which stood at 13.5. For crack, the figure was 6.68 which was lower than 8.57. 

While these figures are encouraging, it was estimated that there were 87% of alcohol-dependent adults and up to 60% of crack and heroin-dependent adults, throughout the county, were not in treatment. 

During this period, just under a quarter (24%) of adults who were alcohol dependent had children living with them. For drug-dependent adults, the figure was slightly less at 16%. Oxfordshire witnessed a trend regarding adults, over the age of forty seeking treatment for drug dependency. With regards to dual diagnosis clients (mental health and addiction) , 51% of adults reported experiencing mental health difficulties with 94% seeking professional help for their mental health. 

While Oxfordshire had a lower rate of admissions to hospitals where alcohol was a factor, the county had a higher than average rate (for England) of directly relatable to alcohol admissions. 

During this period, 140 adults who received treatment for drug/alcohol dependency in prison were released back into the local community. Of this figure, 30 linked in with local statutory services within three weeks of release. This is below the average for England. 

54% of those in treatment for alcohol dependency reported concomitant dependence on illicit drugs. While the number seeking help for heroin dependency reduced by 17%, those seeking treatment for non-opioid drug dependency rose by 32%.


Local statutory drug and alcohol services are provided by  Turning

Point across four hubs: 


Turning Point Didcot, The Glass Tower, 6 Station Road, Orchard Centre Didcot, Oxon, OX11 7LL


Turning Point Witney, Marlborough House, Marlborough Lane Witney, Oxon, OX28 6DY

Turning Point Banbury, Banbury Health Centre, 58 Bridge Street, Banbury, OX16 5QD

The Rectory Centre, Rectory Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1BU

Tel: 01865 261 690 

For fee paying/private patients the county is very well served by private residential centres: both low cost and high end. In addition, the location of the county makes it ideal for those who are seeking lower cost centres as there are some not too far away. It is also possible to arrange private outpatient appointments and local specialist drug and alcohol focused therapists. 

To discuss, in private, without charge, and in total confidence please call Paul.


 Turning Point statutory drug and alcohol services Oxfordshire
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