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Over the past six years, since 2018, the city of Salford has seen a very steep increase in adults dependent on alcohol. Indeed, there has been a 7.7% rise in the number of alcohol-dependent adults in nearby Manchester rising to over 70% above the average for England. Sadly, Salford has some of the most worrying statistics as it relates to alcohol, especially to admission to hospitals where alcohol is the primary cause. 

Data, collated by the NHS, shows that there are 4,684 adults in Salford with alcohol use disorder and 1,403 adults receiving regular medication due to alcohol-related complications (per 100,000). This is seven times higher than London. 

During this time frame, 1,0161 358 1530 055 adults were presenting, for the first time, to drug and alcohol services. 175, 17%, had children living with them. With regards to opioid misuse, when the figures were published 1,200 adults were dependent on opioids with 806 in treatment with local statutory drug treatment services. 


Statutory drug and alcohol services in Salford are provided by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust 

2 Langley Road South, Salford

Tel:0161 358 1530 


For fee-paying/private patients there is a mix

of both low-cost and luxury centers. Private outpatient appointments and local drug and alcohol

specialist therapists are also available. Call Paul to discuss


Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
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