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Speak to an experienced addictions clinician with three decades experience on all aspects of drug and alcohol detox, treatment, and rehab in Sheffield


For the years 2017-2019, the last set of figures posted, 361 people died after consuming drugs in South Yorkshire and 131 of those were adults living in Sheffield. This was up from 311 during 2015-2017 of which 115 were from Sheffield. 

Across the Humber and Yorkshire, there was an increase of 40% in drug-related deaths in just six years. This is alarming but should be seen against the average for England which was 50%. 

During this period, 2,613 adults received treatment for opioid dependency and there was a 94.9% effective treatment rate. Every person receiving services was offered testing for blood-borne viruses. There were 2,500 episodes of wound care for those who inject drugs. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Sheffield are provided by With You (previously Addaction/We Are With You) 

42 Sidney Street, Sheffield S1 4RH

Tel:  0114 253 6830 


If you are seeking treatment in a rehab center as a fee-paying/private client several centers can provide both low-cost and luxury surroundings. If you need outpatient treatment and or a specialist drug and 

alcohol-focused therapist, this can also be arranged. Call Paul to discuss your specific needs in total confidence, at no cost and obtain his expert and impartial advice. 


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