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If you, a loved one, perhaps a partner, friend, or employee is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction: Affordable help is available in Swansea. It is natural to have lots of questions and Paul is a clinician with 28 years experience, directly  in the field of addiction so is in the best position to give his advice. This is a free service and is entirely confidential and impartial. 

There are some common themes when enquiries are made, including: 

* How do I know if I need a detox? 

* Do I need to go into residential rehab? 

* Is it possible to have a detox at home? 

* How would I be supported while withdrawing? 

* What medication would be offered? 

* Is there a local drug and alcohol specialist therapist or counsellor? 

* How much would it all cost? 

* When can I get help? 

Pick up the phone and speak to Paul so you can achieve the abstinence you deserve. 


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