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For advice , in total confidence, on any aspect of drug and alcohol detox, treatment and rehab in Worcester call and speak to Paul, an addictions clinician with three decades experience


 In Worcester, during 2021, there were 283 adults admitted to the hospital due to drug intoxication. This is a rate of 47 per 100,000 adults which is lower than the average for England which sits at 50.  For alcohol-specific conditions, in 2019-2020, the average for England was 644 adults per 100,00 of the population whereas for Worcester, the figure was 487. 

For the last set of figures released, for the financial year of 2021-2022, there were 2,586 adults engaging in treatment for alcohol and/or drugs in Worcester/Worcestershire, which included 28 persons aged under 18.  Only 25% of those released from prison successfully engaged in treatment which is lower than the average of England which sits at 37%. These figures sit against the UK  Government target of 75%.

In 2016-2017 (the last set of estimated figures) there were 1,764 adults in the county believed to be addicted to crack cocaine and a further 2118 dependent on opioids. 


 Statutory drug and alcohol services, in Worcester, and provided by Cranstoun 

Castle House, 14 Castle St, Worcester WR1 3ZB

Tel: 0300 303 8200



For fee-paying/private patients, despite what other websites tell you, there are no private centres in Worcester. Chains and referral agents will advertise that they do, simply to get you to call them. Trust me: No one has a centre in Worcester. However, there are both low-cost and high-end centres within a short travelling distance.  Call Paul to enquire about treatment options, locations and costings.

Worcester community drug and alcohol services statutory
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